July 23-25, 2018 | Boston, MA



Speaker Faculty


Ginger Gregory
Chief Human Resources Officer

“Reimaging culture in a ‘middleaged’ biotech, ready for the future of the life sciences.

Sheela Krothapalli
Head of People Operations

“Challenging traditional thinking on how we evaluate the impact of the people operations function.”

Stephanie Franklin
Chief Human Resources Officer
Vertex Pharmaceuticals

“Reshaping culture to drive innovation and deliver better drugs to patients, faster.”

Martin Rexroad
Senior Vice President Human Resources
PTC Therapeutics

“Rewriting the role and language of HR through the eyes of drug discovery to maximize impact.”

Sally Paull
Chief Human Resources Officer

“Rethinking how we build a fully scalable culture in rapidly growing life sciences business.”

Lisa Amaya-Price
Global Head of Human Resources

“Bridging the gap between our current state and the future of HR in life sciences.”

Lisa van Capelle
Chief Human Resources Officer
Syneos Health

“Rethinking how we prepare our people and our businesses for rapidly evolving life sciences industry.”

Mark Sawyer
most recently Global Head & Vice President of Human Resources
Novartis Institute of BioMedical Research

“Reshaping HR’s role in getting better drugs to patients faster.”

Nicole Schaeffer
Chief People Strategy Officer

“Challenging traditional thinking around how we on-board and assimilate leaders in life sciences.”

Andy Porter
Chief People Officer & Head of Facilities, Planning & Operations
The Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard

“Partnering with the competition to drive HR innovation and collaboration.”

Mary Weger
Interim CHRO - Edge Therapeutics & Principal
PPC Solutions

“Rethinking how HR is done in the Life Sciences organization of the future.”

Anis Baig
Global Head of Talent Acquisition

"Rethinking how bio pharma win digital talent in an ultra-competitive market."

Katy Strei
Chief Human Resources Officer
Emergent BioSolutions

“Rethinking how we advance the people and talent needs of the business amid increased complexity.”

Kristin Gustafson
most recently Senior Vice President Global Human Resources
Kite Pharma

“Transforming the vital role of HR during an M&A event.”

Simon King
Global Head of Talent & Workforce Innovation
Bristol-Myers Squibb

“Reimagining the way we build talent by utilizing the latest neuroscience and design thinking.”

Karen Anderson
Chief Human Resources Officer
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

“Building agile talent strategies for rapid growth bio pharma businesses.”

Susie Robinson
most recently Chief Human Resources Officer
Purdue Pharma

“Transforming how talent strategies are built and executed.”

Paula Swain
Executive Vice President Human Resources

“Preparing for the talent demands of tomorrow, now.”

Jonathan Rosin
Senior Vice President Talent, Team and Culture
Ironwood Pharmaceuticals

“Anticipating how the nature of work will change in a future life sciences business.”

David L. Gonzales
Global Chief Diversity Officer
Bristol-Myers Squibb

“Moving the needle on diversity with innovative evidence-based research and data.”

Debbie Durso-Bumpus
Senior Vice President Human Resources
Blueprint Medicines

“Rethinking how we create leadership pathways in rapidly scaling life sciences businesses.”

Paula Green
Vice President Human Resources
Twist Bioscience

“Transforming how we place our customers at the heart of what we do.”

Aremin Hacobian
Head of Organization Health & Development
Third Rock Ventures

“Fostering a unique learning community to harness the effectiveness of the ecosystem.”

Patricia Manning
Head of Human Resources
Genocea Biosciences

“Redesigning culture to boost business outcomes in a rapidly scaling life sciences business.”

Ted Harding
Vice President Human Resources
Jounce Therapeutics

“Rethinking how we transform learning and development from the ‘ground-up’.”

Jim Mordaga
Head of Global Education
The Medicines Company

“Placing innovation and experimentation at the heart of how we do HR in life sciences.”

Renu Menezes
Head of Human Resources
Dart Neuroscience

“Reimaging how we develop leaders to truly transform the impact of HR in life sciences.”

Erin Krolikiewicz
Head of Talent Scouting – US Pharma

“Rethinking recruiting in the life sciences business of the future.”

Angi Calkins
Executive Director Talent Acquisition

“Planning for future talent in a rapidly evolving life sciences industry.”

Shaun Vigeant
Head of Talent Acquisition

“Reshaping how we do talent acquisition to attract and secure vital talent.”

Mike McElherne
Vice President Talent Acquisition

“Rethinking our approach to talent in a highly-competitive candidates’ market.”

Jennifer Kmiec
Inspiring Women in STEM

“Challenging traditional thinking around how we approach gender diversity in life sciences.”

John Radford
Founder and Partner
Radford, an Aon Hewitt company

“Helping firms gain an edge in the competition to attract, engage and retain scientific talent.”

Harry Griendling
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

“Helping bio pharma companies rethink the way we find people to help us grow faster.”

Jocelyn Lincoln
Talent Supply Chain CoE
Kelly OCG

“Transforming talent acquisition to help business prepare for the future of life sciences.”

Brian Lane
Pay Governance

“Helping the most progressive bio pharma businesses rethink their approach to executive compensation.”