July 25-26, 2017

Boston, MA

Agenda Highlights

2016 agenda highlights:

How HR Can Help a Life Sciences Organization Prepare for the Future

How We Can Better Prepare Ourselves & Our Organizations for What’s Coming in the Future

What are the Barriers to us Reinventing HR in Life Sciences & How do we Overcome them?

Delivering R&D Outcomes in Times of Change: Building a Resilient, Change-Agile Organization

How Would We Build a BioPharma Business Tomorrow If We Could Start with a Blank Sheet of Paper?

What Steps do we Need to Take to Build Truly Change-Resilient People & Organizations

A New Operating Approach to Transform a Life Science Business Through Organic Growth Rather than Acquisition

Moving From “A Chair & a Prayer” to a Transformative Employee Onboarding to Accelerate Productivity

Transforming Sales Force Builds: A New Approach to Building a Commercial Capability Unique to Your Organization

Innovative Workforce Solutions to Help You Win the War for Talent

How do we Solve The Challenge of Recruiting at Pace & at Scale?

Integrated Life Sciences Talent Strategies to Enable HR to Drive Corporate Strategy, Not Just Align with It

Flexible Thinking & Flexible Talent Strategies to Build a High Performance Bio Pharma Business

Developing the High-Performance Life Sciences Organization of the Future

How do we Overcome the Barriers to more Effectively Linking People & Performance

Building a World Class Innovative Biotech Business within a Large Global Pharma Organization

Building a Values-Driven, High-Performance Culture at Speed to Meet the Needs of a Fast-Growth Life Science Business

Transforming HR To Close The Gap From Where You’ve Come From To Where You Want To Go As A Fast Growth Bio Pharma Business

How Can we Drive More Innovation into the Way we do HR in Life Sciences?

Creating a Talent & Cultural Advantage Through the Development of High Potentials in Life Sciences

Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go: Accelerating the Development of Your Next Generation of Leaders

Building Leaders with the Skills to Lead in Changing Times

What Life Sciences Can Learn From The Tech Sector About Driving Innovation In HR

Evolving Executive Compensation Strategies For Life Science Companies In A Say On Pay World

Winning The War For Talent – Lessons From The Front Line Of The Bio Pharma Business

Overcoming The Challenges Of Scaling Globally Where You Have No Experience Of Operating Internationally

Shifting Mind-Sets To Ensure Career Development Is Aligned With Corporate Objectives

Modernizing the HR Engine in Line with the Research Engine to Drive Organizational Agility

Challenging Traditional Thinking Around How to Improve & Measure Integration Effectiveness in Life Sciences

How do we Overcome the Barriers to Achieving HR Innovation Even as we Grow?